How To Benefit From Your Pool For Training

Pool training can be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable additions for home workout programs that you can make to your home. Nearly everyone can say that they love to jump in the pool for a refreshing dip on a hot day.

What is the benefit that you get from your pool for training?

However, few people don’t realize a benefit from your pool for training  can be a great piece of exercise equipment. Of course, distance swimming in itself is one of the most beneficial forms of training that you can engage in. The difficulty with this is that many individuals do not have a long lap pool available to them where they can swim for any reasonable distance.

Fortunately, though, it’s simple to get a challenging workout training in small pools, even above ground pools such as the frameset and easy-set inflatable models.

You get lower Body training.



Getting a workout for your legs in an above ground swimming pool is surprisingly easy. If you have a circular pool, one of the most effective things you can do is to make a whirlpool. You do this by simply walking rapidly around the outside rail of your pool. The resistance of the water gives your legs a spectacular strength-training session, and you’ll also find that you get a good cardio workout as well.

The faster you push against the water, the more efficient your workout will be. Instead of standing straight up, you may try bending your knees and crouch down a bit. This will bring your shoulders down into the water which increases the resistance that you’re pushing against. After you’ve created a strong whirlpool, you can spin in the opposite direction and then work backwards against the vortex. This further increases the intensity and is an excellent way to finish your workout.

Another great workout for your lower body can be obtained by just using your legs to kick on the surface. Above ground pools, including a metal frame and easy set inflatable varieties, are especially suitable for this since they allow you to support your upper body by reaching your arms out to your sides and grabbing on to the top edge of the pool. As you begin to kick your legs, your lower body will begin to rise to the surface. Kick as aggressively as possible, making the enormous splashes possible for as long as you are able. It is an incredibly intense exercise – similar to a flat-out sprint – so it’s likely that you will only be able to go for a minute or less. That’s entirely expected and is a definite indicator that you’re getting an outstanding workout. If you’re up to it, repeat this kicking exercise 8 to 10 times with only a short timeout in between. It gives you the benefits of an interval training workout in a matter of minutes per day.

You get upper body workout.

Getting a good upper body workout in swimming pools is comfortable as well. Water is heavy and hard to move, so it can provide a great deal of resistance, changing your relaxing pool into a great strength training tool. The most striking benefits of training pool water instead of weights or machines are that you can always give your highest level of effort and get just the right amount of resistance. Unlike dumbells and barbells which only give you strength in 5 or 10-pound increments, water resistance is infinitely variable. Practicing a weight which is too insubstantial will not provide the entire benefit from your workout. Loads that are too heavy can prevent you from finishing your set and could even cause injury. Water though gives you just the right amount of resistance for every repetition providing the safest and most effective results possible.

So, there are many benefits of pool training. You can get a beneficial workout in virtually any kind of pool. In fact, in many ways, you get a more efficient workout in the water than you could with machines or weights in the gym. An added benefit is that the water cools you off while you work out. Finally, all of the movements are low-impact and almost never cause any injury. So don’t waste any more time! Jump in your pool and get fit today!


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